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  • 产品品牌 日本科索COSEL
  • 产品型号 MGS15-30W,MGFS15-30W



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· 特点

   · 工业标准规格:1“X1”(MG15/MGF15)和1“X2”(MG30/MGF30)

   · 输入范围大:DC9-36V/DC18-76V (MGFS/MGFW)

   · 同步整流,效率高(MGS/MGFS)

   · I/O绝缘电压:DC1,500V(1分钟)

   · 6面防护

   · 内置输入保险管

   · 内置过电流保护电路(自动恢复)

   · 内置过电压保护电路(MG30/MGF30)

   · 内置遥控开/关

   · 输出电压同外部可变电阻调整(MGS/MGFS)

   · 高可靠性:非内置铝、钽电解电容器

· CE标志

   · 低电压指令

· 安全认证

   · UL60950-1、C-UL、EN60950-1

· 10年保修(请参阅使用说明书第12节)

* 如果不需要输出电压调整功能,请让引脚端子 TRM 保持开路。(仅单路输出)

* 如果不使用“遥控开/关”功能,请将引脚端子 RC 与 -Vin 短接。

New DC-DC converter has been released, which is industrial standard 1"x1" inch (15W), 1"x2" inch (30W) and high efficient isolation type DC-DC converters. Main features are wide variety lineup include 2:1 input range (MG series) and 4:1 input range (MGF series), wide operation temperature range (-40 to +85 degC) and covered with metal case (6 sided shield). MG series can be used for many applications.

Product Lineup
   | MGS15 | MGS30 | MGFS15 | MGFS30 |

Peripheral component mounting type
Peripheral component mounting type
(STMG Series)
  Specifications and external view
Technical Data
  Basic characteristics data • Instruction manual
  EXTERNAL VIEW DXF files (refer to Product Lineup)

• Features

   • Industrial standard 1"X1" (MG15/MGF15), 1"X2" (MG30/MGF30)
   • Wide input range DC9-36V/DC18-76V (MGFS/MGFW)
   • High efficiency by synchronized rectification circuit (MGS/MGFS)
   • I/O isolation voltage DC1,500V (1minute)
   • 6 sided shield
   • Built in input fuse
   • Built-in overcurrent protection circuits (recovers automatically)
   • Built-in overvoltage protection circuits (MG30/MGF30)
   • Built-in remote ON/OFF
   • Output voltage adjustability by external variable resister(MGS/MGFS)
   • High reliability : not built-in aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitor

• CE marking

   • Low Voltage Directive

• Safety agency approvals

   • UL60950-1, C-UL, EN60950-1

• 10-year warranty (Refer to Instruction Manual,section 12)

*If output voltage adjustment is not required, open TRM Pin.(single output only)
*If you do not use the Remote ON/OFF function, please short between RC and -Vin Pins.